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Photographs & Notes from Singapore

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Autumn in Christchurch

Originally uploaded by pfong.

LC and I spent a couple of days in Christchurch earlier this year. We took a Saturday afternoon walk from Cathedral Square to the Botanic Gardens in the fading afternoon light, walking past the seagulls in the square and the sculpture outside the Arts Centre. We got to the park just as the sunset was lighting up the trees with a fiery glow. This set of pics can be viewed here.

Monday, September 20, 2004

Bukit Timah Trail

LC in the Tunnel
Originally uploaded by pfong.

LC and I hiked the trail over the weekend. More pics in the link below.

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve - On the Trail

We hiked the 6km long bike trail which is basically a loop around the reserve, close to the outer boundary. A map of the trail can be found here. We made a short detour off the trail to Hindhede Quarry. The last time LC and were there, we had to climb over a rusted fence to get to the quarry. Back then it seemed like a secret, hidden spot; a deep quarry pool surrounded by forest and completely removed from the rest of Singapore. Now they've built a path to the quarry with a shelter, viewing platform and even a water cooler.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Zoom II

Bankok Grand Temple - Zoom Posted by Hello

Here's how the zoom effect turned out. It does add some interest to the pic. The original pic is in my previous post


Bangkok Grand Temple Posted by Hello

I'm going to try a zoom effect on this pic. Come to think of it, it's probably a good candidate for some perspective control as well, but one thing at a time!

Venice Bell Tower II

Venice Tower with Perspective Control Posted by Hello

Here's the same pic with some perspective control added. This is just an exercise in perspective, please excuse the rest of pic. Colour, contrast, etc are terrible. The original pic is in my previous post.

Venice Bell Tower

Venice Tower Posted by Hello

Here's a pic of the Campanile of St Mark in the Piazza San Marco. As usual with these low angle shots from close to the subject, I've got the perspective problem of the bell tower looking like it's leaning backwards.

I'm going to do some perspective control. I'll post the results if it works out.

Monday, September 06, 2004

Kent Ridge Park

Curly Leaf Posted by Hello

LC and I went up to Kent Ridge Park on Sunday. The park has amazing light that filters through the trees. I have to figure a way to capture that on film.

LC Wharhol II

LC Wharhol II Posted by Hello

Here's version two of the LC Wharhol. Edited it some to get rid of the white gaps between the various pics of LC